Puha Road Puha Road
Illustrator and Author: Barry Crump

If the handle of spade was going to break; if the tree was going to come back down across the car; if they were going to close just before you got there; if the tractor was going to back through the fence into the boss's wife's ornamental goldfish-pond; if the paint was going to get split on the poodle - it always had to happen when Muxy was around. In fact it's hard to imagine how this Muxy could ever be even remotely successful at anything - but his good luck is as devastating as the bad, and with this intriguing brew Crump takes his latest characters on a search for employment that takes them to the bottom of the barrel, to the top of of the heap, and on to an unexpectedly-touching ending at Puha Road. Good Crump - Good entertainment.

In Print: Yes
Format: Paperback, 175 pages
Other Information:
Published In: New Zealand, 01 March 2005
Publisher: Hodder Moa Beckett
Dimensions: 21.0 x 13.0 centimeters
ISDN: 1869584597

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