Bastards I have met Bastards I have met
Illustrator and Author: Barry Crump

Bastard's I have Met is Barry Crump's eleventh book.Bastards, discovered Barry Crump one afternoon in the Timberlands hotel, out number hero's by at least 15 thousand to one. Yet there has never been a single book or poem,or TV documentary, or song,or even a speech, devoted to the common or garden bastard! This situation had to be remedied at once. And so, from a great wealth of candidates who have come the way of New Zealand's most popular writer, Barry Crump has now distilled this first ABC of bastardry.It ranges from your Actual Bastard,of wide spread and increasing occurrence, to your zealous bastard who mercifully appears amongst us rather rarely. In between, the reader is introduced to what must certainly be the Brightest Pack of Bastards ever to be gathered between two covers. Make no mistake - Bastards I have Met is vintage Crump!

In Print: Yes
Format: Hardcover, 186 pages
Other Information: illustrations
Published In: New Zealand, 20 May 1997
Publisher: Hodder Moa Beckett
ISDN: 1869585763

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