Illustrator and Author: Barry Crump

Is the Gulf of Capentaria,In who's rivers and lagoons their are many crocodiles. The "I" of this novel comes to the Gulf with Fiff - a good keen woman - to give the crocs a go.They come up from Sydney with a land-rover, two rifles,and a limitless fund of optimism,ignorance and curiosity.On their way North they fail to find opals at Lightning Ridge; they reach crocodile country and meet at least half - a - dozen self - styled "Best Professional Croc - shooters in the country". Barry Crump writes from first - hand experience as a professional croc - hunter.His style is terse and off - hand,his humour dry and casual.But Darcy,Fiff and Pruszkowic emerge as three - dimensional character’s; the adventures are horrifyingly real;and behind the characters and their actions lies Gulf country - hot,hard,and inhumanly hostile. When the movie crocodile Dundee was released the publisher changed the title of Crumps Book Gulf to Crocodile Country so you may find two titles for the same book. A great adventure, a great read.

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