One of us One of us
Illustrator and Author: Barry Crump

Barry Crump's third story is built around three choice characters-Sam Cash (of Hang on a Minute Man), Ponto Manson, and Toddy Dunn.All are apparently ingenuous, aimless loafers, conscientious only in dodging work as they wander through the South Island. Sam spins his tall tales, cracks his jokes and masterminds situations,but is less frequently the dominant Cash of yore. Ponto is a dedicated scrounger and drifted, with no apparent past or future. Toddy, not the man his father was-nor wanting to be, is a refugee from efficient agriculture. In South Westland the three find employment  of a kind with T.Burke, on whose farm there shortly develops a sequence of ingenious practical jokes that produce more anger than humour, more suspicion that appreciation. In the outcome of this situation, the individual problems of the three are surprisingly resolved and Sam Cash has his biggest laugh in years.

In Print: Yes
Format: Paperback, 185 pages
Other Information:
Published In: New Zealand, 08 September 1997
Publisher: Hodder Moa Beckett
Dimensions: 21.0 x 13.0 centimeters
ISDN: 186958578X

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